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Wyath was right. War is brewing and it will prove Tristan’s first test as king.

Akarnia has the highest population of mages of any land, vastly more are born there. 1 in 5 people has access to magical power, most weak but still a good deal of the population. Everywhere else in the world, the magical access rate is 1 in 500. Arkania’s high amount of magic made it the most powerful nation in the world, a feat other countries resented.

Mezzi (pronounced mejji) a neighboring nation had enough of their inferiority to Arkania. Over the past twenty years, they industrialized magic to the point where they are he finest magismiths in the world. While their people may not be able to access magic naturally, now they can artificially. Its army is gifted with magical rifles and airships, making it the only one capable of defeating Arkania. They are a hundred ears ahead of any other nation in terms of magical industry. It has decided to do so.



The war began with Mezzian forces encroaching on the Arkanian border and a firefight broke out. The small Mezzian platoon lost, but not without laying heavy casualties on the local army outpost. War has broken out across the two nations, one holding vast amounts of raw power and the other holding superior technology and greater numbers.