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Bertrand is the current records keeper of the Arkanian government. He served Tristan’s parents and now Wyath. Bertrand’s magic is that of Record magic. Anything he has learned is stored away where he can later access it and project it. Seeing as runes are just images and how he has read tomes of spellbooks, this makes him possibly the most powerful man alive. He does not use this to gain power, only knowledge.

He does this out of a nobler cause than pride. His memory, his records will live on after him. Bertrand has set up access stations to his records that will activate upon his death. These records are why Bertrand does not care for whom he serves. As long as he can continue to collect information he will serve anyone. To further keep him in line, Wyath threatens the safety of the library. Bertrand would never let such information be destroyed, be lost to time, so he serves Wyath.