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Here is Shard, the user of Shatter, a lost magic. The magic has the ability to shatter objects violently, releasing deadly shrapnel. As it was a lost magic, repeated use of it takes a toll on the user. Cracks started to appear on his skin and with time, eventually, he, himself, would shatter.

He did so when fighting Bryant Calgair. When his most devastating move, the shattered ground, which literally causes the ground in a hundred foot radius to shatter violently upwards, did not kill Bryant, he was dying. The Shattered Ground took a lot out of him and he was cracking up. He used it to his advantage and used Shatter’s final technique: Shattered Visage. His body exploded into razor sharp shards towards Bryant. Using a vector, the King’s guard escaped with his life, but his right arm and side were cut to pieces.