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Here is the soldier who survived, the brother of the Dragon’s Claw, Owyn Fester. Like his brother he uses spears predominately, but his summoning magic is not as strong. Above all, he is a quick thinker and very good fighter. He almost took out Helena before she writhed her vines and killed the rest of the squad. When she did, his right arm and left leg were shattered, as he had used an energy attack to keep off most of the vines.

Hansen saw the quick thinking Owyn did which saved his life and almost ended Helena and took the young soldier under his wing. He ensured that he got replacement prosthetics and made Owyn his right hand man. Owyn now serves as part of Hansen’s top squad, the Rays. He uses spears whose handles and blades can elongate to become a sword or a spear. He and Bryant have met and fought many times, always coming to a draw.