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@Stulte said:

Nice posing on Avian! I really like Manticore’s mask, may I ask how you did that?

Thanks and it is the Nabu helmet masked onto a shape and the face mask looking thing in masks with several of the fin(Golden age space hero looking thing) in the first page of Mask-standard angled to look like a mane.

@Hammerknight said:

Great bunch of characters.


@Viper said:
Kreg and Manticore are very cool.


@Jeimuzu said:

I really like Avian’s costume and posing, but my favorite part has to be all the birds gathering around him, that was a very nice touch.

It’s little details that sell an image. Thanks.

Here’s a contest entry, based on the Byrd song Turn, Turn, Turn! and also the biblical quote the song comes from

It made me think of the last speech a hero would give before he sacrifices himself for his comrades. “There is a time for everything. A time to live and a time to die. I’m afraid its the latter for me. Go on, I’ll hold them off.”