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Hello! I wanted to show you what I’m working on right now. Both pictures are not finished yet. I usually do the layout and the basic colors first, then add the shading. I wanted to try CantDraw’s shading process, so the basic colors will probably change for darker ones. If you haven’t seen his tutorial yet, I highly recommend it!

The first one is a OC. She’s a hacker usually living in small apartments or hotel room. Here she is in her temporary room, surrounded by her mess, working on a gadget to relax.

The other one is…well no one in particular I was inspired by a contest some week back that I saw to late to participate but that still interested me. I’ll let you guess what it is :P

Keep in mind that those 2 are WIP I’ll post them finished as I get around to do it. I’m working too on the thread started by Hammerknight about making oneself as a knight, and I’m very excited to draw myself as one…self portrait is hard to make, I think, but its fun, nonetheless.
I’ll post the link when I’ll be finished with it.

Comments? Questions? I always enjoy constructive criticism, it helps me get better!