IZKI – the strider

Used to be the fastest man on the planet, IZKI was a well celebrated athlete in the Empire but his popularity soon went into ashes when the 2nd Imperial War broke out. The building where he lived was attacked by a barrage of missiles from the Empire of UAVAD. He was deeply injured and was brought to the hospital. To his dismay, the surgeons and physicians did everything that they could to save his legs however they weren’t as perfect as they were before. He is not fast as he used to be.

Though his body is in tact, he lost everything. His popularity, riches and recognition. For his vanity sake, he wanted everything back. He went to a group of Mages in UAVAD to help him. They offered him a choice. He will regain the speed of his legs and probably even more but he will lose something else – his face.

It was a difficult choice. It was either his face or his legs. He chose legs and eventually went through ritual that he will soon regret. After 2 weeks, he woke up and realized that his face was covered in cloth. He didn’t recognize himself, but he recognized one thing – the strength of his legs. He was blessed by an arcane magic that only a few people can wield. His speed was faster than even before and arcane magic flow in the veins of his legs.

He went back to the city where he once was popular but what all people could see was a monster. He was ridiculed by many and shooed away. He was desperate and tried to commit suicide in the woods when a passing magus found him lying on the marshes. When he woke up, he was in the care of Yu Han, the leader of the TWELVIANS.


IZKI’s skills are only limited as he is still new to the power of magic. Through his training with YU HAN, he was able to develop certain skills.

QUICK STEP – With the power of arcane magic, IZKI is able to run at great speed.

COHEXION – When Phil Westwood saw him during a conclave in the Twelvian Tavern, he talked to him and told him a story that changed IZKI’s outlook and because of that he was able to harness the power of ARCANE magic. With COHEXION he is able to radiate arcane magic even on his arms making it move faster as well.

ARCANE ORBS – With the use of arcane magic IZKI is able to create spheres known as ARCANE orbs on his hands which can explode when in contact with his enemy.