Thanks for the welcome guys. The story’s not fixed yet. Here are some stories for the characters:

DARB 3.0 – the dreadnought

A trigger happy lieutenant of the Imperial VANGUARDS who was considered to be the monster behind the wall. He finds pleasure in killing mischievous and people who are abusive within the Empire let alone rogue casters and mercenaries by which he was promoted because of. In the battle of Vernon Hill, DARB 3.0 was responsible for eliminating a group of SOUL REAPERS and a clan of mercenaries that the SOUL REAPERS hired named the QUIN FAMIGLIA. In that battle, DARB lost most of his senses and strength and was eventually dismissed in the Imperial VANGUARDS.

He traveled into the different edges of the globe in sought of a cure but he was surprised on what he found out. In a hidden labyrinth, he saw an old man named KRATUZ who is adept at alchemy and elemental magic. DARB beg for him to heal him but instead he was taken as an apprentice and was taught alchemy. When KRATUZ died, DARB perfected his skills in METAL ALCHEMY. With his knowledge in Cybernetics and METAL ALCHEMY, he forged his armor (THE BOX) which is resistant to elemental magic and his weapon (THE TENDO) which is programmed to shoot different projectiles each with its own unique capabilities.

DARB was able to come back to the ranks of IMPERIAL GUARDS when he saved his old comrade MARKUZ, from being killed after a surge of DEMONS from the NETHERWORLD invaded their camp. He was then called DARB 3.0

It is said, that he kills with a grin on his face while behind his steel mask as if everything is just a mere GAME. He is merciless. One of this famous exploits was when he got into a den of SEERS and told them a joke, when the SEERS were not able to respond to him, he killed them ALL in just one BLOW. His favorite expression is “Time to PLUG and PLAY!”

– – – – –


DARB 3.0 skills reside in his weapon, THE TENDO that contains different varieties of alchemy bullets aside from the normal bullets that most VANGUARDS use.


HECKLE – A bullet that disables any magical powers a target has rendering him vulnerable.

XBOX – A projectile bullet that shoots out a blinding light in a huge area. Anyone who sees the light gets paralyzed and sees hallucinations for a short period of time.

PULSE CANNON – With his knowledge of METAL ALCHEMY and MAGIC, DARB 3.0 is able to convert his life energy and transport it into his weapon making a huge blast out of any enemy target.

– – – – – –


X360 – A standard issue bullet used by IMPERIAL VANGUARDS.

ATARI GRENADE – A time controlled grenade by IMPERIAL VANGUARDS.

WiiZERS – Little spider like machines that DARB 3.0 created to do reconnaissance and observe enemies from a far. The spiders also contain laser like weaponry that can be used for stealth missions.darby.png