“Oh, gosh; oh, gosh; oh, gosh! What did I get myself into? All I wanted to do was take a quick dip in the Lake of All Life!” W’ali k’Levar kept thinking the same thing over and over for the countless hours he has been in chains. In the tradition of his people, bathing in the Lake of All Life during the Ba’ah Ri’zah ceremony upon reaching one’s 13th cycle would unlock each individual’s hidden power. W’ali had so hoped to gain wings like his brothers, but could not wait for the ceremony. The Ir’illis had very strict traditions. That was because they had a very tenuous pact with their former enemies, the P’alatines. For hundreds of years, the P’alatines allowed the Ir’illis access to the Lake of All Life to carry out their tradition, though the lake was deep in P’alatine territory. Unique among the people of the planet Eid’an, Ir’illis have evolved to reproduce in cycles of 13, so that all of the children would be able to bathe in the Lake at the same time. The reasons behind the truce, as well as the cause of the 7 Century War prior to it, have long been forgotten. All that is known is what has been held to for all this time: At the start of the 13th cycle, The Grand Re’eb of the Ir’illis makes a formal request to the Head of the P’alatines to lead a Pilgrimage to the Lake of All Life to conduct the Ba’ah Ri’zah ceremony. The understanding is that any Ir’illis near the lake any other time are there at their own risk. Again, the whys and wherefores behind this are long forgotten. W’ali could not wait the few remaining months until his 13th cycle and took it upon himself to gain his powers early. Now, instead of W’ali k’Levar, grandson of the Grand Re’eb, he is just a nameless slave boy with the mark of the P’alatine branded upon his torso. “If only I got to the lake before they caught me!” W’ali hung his head and cried himself to sleep, wondering if he would ever see his family and home again. Just before sleep overtook him, W’ali thought he heard the beating of mighty wings in the air. “Could it be? My brothers are coming to save me….?” Here’s your backstory for the Slave Boy. Hope you like it!