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@Herr D said: WHY! DID YOUR ROBOTS TEAR YOUR CLOTHES TOO?! I just had this dry-cleaned right before I was passing through here to have one of these chew off some of my to-do list. They don’t even know the difference between notebook paper and kevlar-reinforced mad scientist genetic lab apron material. Blast, that’s annoying! Would you PLEASE program them a little better? . . .

And it was my favourite lab coat, too…
I’m sorry to hear about what happened, but it’s still early days yet. And surely you should know better than to go near a robot with a sticky-note on it’s head saying ‘must fix chewing algorithms’! I mean, most of them can’t tell the difference between grass and carpet at the moment! It’s a real pain in the neck…

And what were you doing in my workshop anyway?!

And Jeimuzu, just wait, and you’ll be seeing even more soon.