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@tinker said:

Oh 🙁
Well that’s too bad, kinda were my best..
But art of copyrighted characters is just fanart, isn’t it? So why isn’t it allowed?
And are you referring to rule 4? Because if you do I really recommend changing this rule’s wording, as I was pretty sure that profanity means cursing.. I mean I read the rules and didn’t see anything else about nudity.

The Nudity Rules was added in Post number 5 of the thread written by HammerKnight after speaking with Jeff the owner of Heromachine and these forums. It was added because Jeff wishes to keep this forums more or less PG-13 as there are a number of Minors who frequent it’s virtual pages.

The Copyright Rule is there because in effect Jeff Makes money off of Heromachine and this website So an argument can be made he is making money off those Copyrighted Images posted here with his creation, Heromachine. Jeff does not want to be sued and in fact has had Marvel’s and DC comic’s legal departments Harass him in the past. Jeff does really care that he might win the case in court, he doesn’t want it to get anywhere near that stage hence forth he bans such images from being posted here.