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Thank you Vampyrist!
Now for Frank Hallows’ second villain, the team leader of the Power Suits. You can tell his ego is huge because he named the team after himself…
 photo PowerSuit-WilliamErnst_zpsa8633f1a.png
Name: Power Suit
Alias: William Ernst
Team Affiliations: The Power Suits
Enemies: Frank Hallows, Deus-X, The Golem Queen
Race: Human
Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland
Powers/Abilities: Superior intellect, copper/Knavium battle armor (Enhanced strength, Electro-kinetic weaponry, Absorbs electricity)
Bio: William Ernst is the founder and CEO of the Nernst Corporation, a rival company of HallowGen that uses its comparable (but inferior) technology for military applications, often with highly controversial consequences. Ernst has been the orchestrator of many attempted hostile takeovers of Frank Hallows’ company, the latest of which led Frank to purchase and shut down the Nernst Corporation and have his rival deported back to Switzerland. A vengeful William Ernst would spend months working in seclusion to complete his Power Suit, a battle armor with similar offensive capabilities to Frank’s P.A.T.C.H. suit, but is composed of a special copper/Knavium alloy that absorbs and magnifies electric charge.

Notes: William and Ernest are the names of the two men who rescue Victor Frankenstein at the beginning of Mary Shelley’s novel. Nernst is a kind of incandescent lightbulb.