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Here is my new Pharaoh Hi-N’Un XII. I re-posed him and changed his costume a bit to allow for greater shading possibilities (and because I always wanted to do a gunslinger pose like this). I also got rid of the weird sword-gun that I never came up with an explanation for and he never got to use, replacing it with a traditional shotgun.
 photo Hi-NUnXII_zps2ecfdb58.png
Name: Pharaoh Hi-N’Un XII
Alias: Peter Hallows
Team Affiliations: The Hallows, Clockwork
Race: Human
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Powers/Abilities: Expert marksman and gunfighter, extremely skilled with all manner of ranged weaponry, former Egyptian monarch, rumored to be more than 2,500 years old.
Bio: Pharaoh Hi-N’Un XII is Frank’s father. After spurning the advances of Frank’s mother, who is a time-travelling witch, the Pharaoh was mummified and entombed, cursed by the witch with eternal sleep. Some time in the American Wild West era, the tomb was disturbed and the curse interrupted. Pharaoh Hi-N’Un XII soon took up a gun and became a truly immortal folk hero, with his name being attributed to the classic midday duels for honor that marked his life and the history of the American West.