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Appreciations to Stulte for your positive comments so far.

Another week gone by and another character done. I said in my old gallery (somewhere around page one) that I was unsatisfied with a character I had submitted into the Transformations contest last year, and would at some point redesign her. Beginning with her angelic form, here is Fallen Angel as an Angel of Foresight.
 photo AngelofForesight_zpse9d7efa6.png
Name: Angel of Foresight
Alias: Fallen Angel, True Name Unpronounceable by Human Tongue
Team Affiliations: Eyes of Heaven, Soul Survivors, Clockwork (reserve member)
Race: Angel
Birthplace: Heaven
Powers/Abilities: Physical blindness, Can see into the future through human eyes, Access to low-level Angelic technology (Wings, Armor, Staff of Foresight).
Bio: The being who would become Fallen Angel was born and engineered to be an Angel of Foresight. Foresighted Angels had no vision–at least, not in the conventional sense–but had the ability to witness the future through human host eyes by using a Staff of Foresight to focus their powers. They served as communications officers, under Angels of the Guardian rank, and were rarely called upon to work in the field. One Foresighted Angel grew tired of her disconnected life, using her advanced knowledge of Heaven’s communications network to hack into Hell. She wished to see the world through her own eyes, and so made a deal with a high-level demon who promised to restore her vision. On their meeting, the demon branded her with the mark of the dragon, which would pollute her Grace and slowly transform her into a demon as well. Now able to intervene in the physical world, Fallen Angel uses her slowly deteriorating foresight and her half-demon powers to save human souls from her future masters before her own soul fades away.