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Appreciate the feedback, Light and Jack.
Ugh. A whole friggin’ week gone by this time. I’ve been working on a shaded version of my old Tetra character, but I stopped because a new idea got in the way and I decided to finish it first.
I’m going back to the Elemental Witches (not a team, as some of the covens wage war against each other) to bring you the Alice In Wonderland– inspired Witch of Space.
 photo AliceGladwell_zpsa4c0f827.png
Name: Wonder Girl
Alias: Alice Gladwell
Team Affiliations: The Coven of Leodd, The Enforcers, Clockwork
Enemies: Tempora, The Society of Foes
Race: Human
Birthplace: London, England
Powers/Abilities: Size-shifting, Super-strength, Increased skin density, Can breathe in oxygen-poor environments.
Bio: All members of the Coven of Leodd were born with an unusual substance in their blood, a substance we now know to be an alloy of liquid Kanvium and Mercury. Deathly poisonous on their own, when molecularly bonded their alloy fosters an array of special abilities, including super-speed, teleportation, interdimensional travel, and growth and shrinking, among others. Some in the coven present multiple abilities, as Alice has, but it is rare to come across a Witch of Leodd who possesses them all–a Leodd Supreme. Leodd witches are unaligned as a coven, but individually they remain active in the war, often contracted as territorial enforcers or messengers for their speed and physical durability. Upon finishing her service, Alice briefly joined The Enforcers under the codename Wonder Girl. She is currently a reserve Clockwork hero, but has remained in contact with her coven since learning that one of Clockwork’s founding members is a rogue time witch.
Note: Leodd is one of the Welsh words for “space.”