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OK, so it was actually four days before I could give you another character.
If you look at some of the last posts on my old thread, you’ll know that the inspiration behind my Power Suits team is that I was trying to create a team of armor-wearing villains with names and abilities based on various kinds of suits and suit-related phrases. They are meant to be Frank Hallows’ villains, but have also crossed paths with other heroes (Clockwork and non-Clockwork alike). This latest villain of mine is the only female member of the team, and is based off of the Little Black Dress.
 photo SukoshiKurosutsu_zpse835a49b.png
Name: Kurosutsu Sukoshi
Team Affiliations: The Power Suits, The Yakuza
Enemies: The Enforcers, Frank Hallows
Race: Human
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Powers/Abilities: Anti-Knavium battle armor (Enhanced strength and reflexes, red matter energy shields), skilled at hand-to-hand combat.
Bio: Sukoshi is the only child of crime boss Kurosutsu Shibomo, who was betrayed and killed by Nihonto and Shirudo, his two most trusted Yakuza. Sukoshi took over the organization following her father’s death, and fueled by her long-simmering jealousy toward her adopted sisters and a newfound desire for vengeance, Sukoshi enlisted the help of her organization’s science division to develop a suit of armor far more sophisticated and powerful than Shirudo’s prosthetics.
The Yakuza scientists fashioned a shield-equipped suit from anti-Knavium (a carbon-Knavium alloy that was tempered through bombardment with anti-matter particles). When powered by a stolen and modified P.A.T.C.H. core, the anti-Knavium suit produced a new kind of energy called “red matter,” which had the potential to disperse anti-matter, rendering Shirudo’s shield projectors useless. Unfortunately, prolonged use of the Anti-Knavium armor has deformed Sukoshi and left her wholly dependent upon the armor for her survival. The severity and nature of her underlying symptoms is unknown at this time.
Notes: Sukoshi means “little” in Japanese. Kuro means “black,” and sutsu is Romanized Japanese for “suit.” The name Shibomo is derived from words meaning “fat” (Shibo) and “lord” (omo).