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A bit of laziness on my part, but here is a straight copy-over from my old thread. I changed the line color in a few places, but this character remains unchanged for the most part. He has all the tricks a good ‘machiner needs to make a pose pop: facial and costume Zypping, a decent energy effect, shading, a vein bulging on his face, and a massive pink arm holding up a boulder. So why mess with a good thing?
I came up with this guy while I was at work, pushing something very heavy with one hand, and the Psychics contest just happened along, so I got to making him that night, submitted him a day or two later, and he wound up making the polls for that week.
Here’s Terrence Armstrong:
 photo Strong-Arm_zpsffeedda8.png
Name: Strong-Arm
Alias: Terrence Armstrong
Team Affiliations: Sixth Street Sinners, The Enforcers, Clockwork (reserve member)
Race: Human
Birthplace: London, England
Powers: Mentally enhanced strength, bulletproof astral arm.
Bio: Terrence Armstrong was always powerful for his age. As a boy, he once tipped a car that had fallen on his father, who had been working on it at the time. As a mixed-race child, Terry was already a target for his less tolerant peers. But it got worse when kids at school heard about his father’s accident and what Terry had done to save him. They called him a freak, often attacking and beating him even though they knew not to mess with a ten-year-old who could lift a car. Young Terry endured the name-calling and abuse for several months, hoping that, like all children, their focus would switch to some other target.
But when his father passed away from complications stemming from the accident, the stress and pain grew too much for him. That day, Terry ran away from home, eventually winding up in a bad part of town, where the local gang hid him from police and the foster system.
Terry would grow up to be an enforcer for the Sixth Street Sinners, the gang that had since become his family, taking the nickname Strong-Arm because of his ability to channel his mental energy into superhuman physical strength. As his powers grew, he discovered he could manifest his psychic strength as a giant arm that he could use to lift anything, or even increase the density of the astral arm to the point that it became bulletproof.
One day, Terrence was sent to intimidate a bookmaker who owed the Sinners a large sum of money. As he was about to beat some sense into the man, a little boy walked in on them. It was the bookie’s son, and the sight of him stopped Terrence in his tracks. Having been beaten as a child, Terrence recognized a look on the boy’s face that he had felt on his own face during those long ago beatings.
With that encounter, Terrence decided to turn over a new leaf, and made it his personal mission to stand up against organized crime, starting with the Sixth Street Sinners.
In his career, Strong-Arm’s former gang affiliation and his extreme crime-fighting methods have brought him toe-to-toe with Sextant on many occasions, usually ending with the pair teaming up against some greater common enemy.