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As promised, here is one of the Two O’Clock Warriors, my other Family Contest submission (and my first top-five creation for any contest) from last year. For anyone who is new to Heromachine, The Hallows and the Two O’Clock Warriors are part of my Clockwork Project.
Clockwork is a group of twelve heroes or hero teams, each inspired by an hour of the clock. The Hallows represent Noon (or N’Un, if you like that better) and Midnight, and the Two O’Clock Warriors represent, well, you know…
I went with a yin-yang theme, creating twin sisters with contrasting fighting styles. First is the low-tech, offensive sister:
 photo Nihonto_zps49528bd5.png
Name: Sword
Alias: Nihonto (Japanese for sword)
Team Affiliations: The Yakuza, Two O’Clock Warriors, The Enforcers, Clockwork
Race: Human
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Powers/Abilities: Agility, Reflexes, Skilled hand-to-hand and with daisho (pair of Japanese swords, one long and one short).
Bio: When their mother was pregnant with them, she traveled with their father to Beijing, where he had been transferred in lieu of a job promotion.
But on the day the girls were born, their mother awakened from anesthesia prematurely to find that, though the ultrasound she had had in the United States confirmed twins, only one baby girl awaited her in the nursery. Storming through a back door in the nursery, she found her other child in the process of being euthanized (because in China at that time, mothers were only allowed to bear one child). Running on superhuman, maternal strength and a lioness’ courage, she somehow rendered all the attending doctors unconscious and escaped the hospital with her newborn twin daughters, who were both still very much alive. After much domestic turmoil, she took the girls on a flight out of Beijing, leaving China and her work-focused husband for the relative safety of Japan.
But that safety came with a price. One day, a Yakuza enforcer came looking for protection money and, finding her financial situation lacking, took the twins as collateral, killing their mother when she resisted.
The girls were raised by the Yakuza, a childhood utterly devoid of all things childish, and eventually became initiated Yakuza themselves. The fearsome Nihonto (Sword) served as chief enforcer, and Shirudo (Shield) became the Yakuza boss’ personal security guard.
The sisters’ lives would change again when Nihonto returned from a mission to find her sister being assaulted by their boss, forcing Nihonto to kill the man and making the two of them targets for the criminal organization that had been their family for so long. They managed to survive daily attempts on their lives, thanks in part to Nihonto’s incomparable stealth and ruthless fighting style until the day they would cross paths with Strong Arm and Sextant, who had come to Tokyo following a trail of Yakuza activity from the states.
The four formed a formidable fighting force to face down their felonious foes, finally felling a fearsomely fatalistic franchise (phew! Stan Lee would be proud). So begins the formation of Clockwork….