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Here’s the final member of the Hallows team, re-posed, re-costumed, and–duh, winning–shaded for your viewing pleasure. I thought her first design was too simple and unoriginal for a team heroine, and that she might get lynched or something if she showed up in ancient Egypt wearing thigh-highs and fishnets with her boobs sticking out. Oh, and I gave her a more magic-looking magic effect. So say hello again to Tempora:
 photo TemporaDoce_zpsd7e0b40e.png
Name: Tempora
Alias: Tempora Hallows
Team Affiliations: The Hallows, Clockwork
Race: Human
Birthplace: Rome, NY
Powers/Abilities: Time manipulation, witchcraft
Bio: Tempora Hallows is Frank’s mother. She is a legacy witch, and the only surviving member of a coven of time-manipulators. A war has been waging for centuries between the temporals and the other elemental covens, but the temporals have been targeted most frequently for their alleged abuse of cosmic forces and their mercenary status among the wiccan community.
She defected from the war and fled to ancient Egypt, where she met the man who would become Frank’s father. The two fell in love, but Egyptian custom would not allow their mixed-race relationship (a fact Tempora was ignorant of when the Pharaoh rejected her and she cursed him with eternal sleep).
Upon returning to her own time, Tempora discovered she was pregnant with Frank, and put aside her mystic dabbling to raise the child. During her pregnancy, however, Tempora was prone to uncontrollable bouts of astral travel (which amounted to little more than extremely vivid precognitive dreams), and soon learned who her son was meant to become and how through him she would be reunited with her lost love.