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Thanks, Jeimuzu.
Here now are some old designs from the Opposites Attract contest that I’ve incorporated into the Clockwork Universe for storyline purposes, beginning with Ka’Li-Tetra’s mentor, Serene:
Serene photo Serene_zpsc5d4db04.png
For those who don’t remember, Serene Bannon was a human girl who had her body possessed by a Shrike (a banshee spirit from another dimension). Though her family practiced witchcraft, and Serene was accustomed to strange occurrences like possession and astral projection, she lived in fear for most of her life, never knowing when the spirit would take over her body, killing or seriously injuring whoever set her off at the time. So Serene entered a life of secluded meditation in a Tibetan monastery (becoming the first woman allowed sanctuary in such a place), where she learned to make peace with the Shrike, who at one point began to meditate in tandem with her, until finally they were of one mind.
Here is Siren, the Ulfenian Shrike:
Siren photo Siren_zps7eb1c7ae.png
Siren was born into a brutal and chaotic world much like the early Vedanga dimension. The Ulfenian dimension was a realm of immortals engaged in a constant war of might, magic and bloodshed. Though she could not escape her nature, Siren felt from an early age that the violence in her world was pointless. So she used a spell to send her astral form to another dimension, where she inhabited the body of a young, human girl named Serene.
But Siren soon realized that beneath the calm veneer of our world, there lurked just as much potential for savagery as in Ulfenia. As a result, she would often take over the girl’s body, going to extreme, destructive, lethal lengths to suppress any evil she witnessed. She could usually feel the girl’s fear of her power at these times, and would then allow Serene to regain her senses. The girl always pleaded with her to leave, and Siren always refused, for although they were not the most obvious match, Siren believed (as do all Shrikes, and most Ulfenians) that names hold power, and that because of their similar names, she and Serene are soulmates. Her exposure to monastic life restored Siren’s faith in humanity, and she began meditating with Serene. The two have since come to a peaceful coexistence and ultimately their minds and souls were joined as one.
And finally, their unified form – Shanti, the Angel of Peace:
Shanti photo Shanti_zps00886eb6.png
Name: Shanti
Alias: Serene O’Bannon
Race: Human/Witch/Shrike/Angel
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Powers: Telekinesis, Flight, Banshee wail, Superhuman strength, Healing factor
Bio: After unifying with Siren, Serene O’Bannon gained all the powers of a Shrike, in addition to telekinesis (a Wiccan ability that ran in her family, but remained dormant in Serene’s unfocused, youthful state), which she discovered and honed through meditation.
She returned to her hometown and began using her powers to fight crime under the name Shanti (a title bestowed upon her by the monks, which means “Peace of Mind” in Sanskrit). Her true identity was later uncovered by the son of a man Siren had killed when Serene was a child, and Serene was publicly executed shortly thereafter, burned at the stake for witchcraft.
But in death, Serene was recognized for her personal sacrifice and struggle for redemption, and was admitted into Heaven. Now a full Angel, and going by the name Shanti, she is Lady Icarus’ unofficial handler, and serves on Earth as a spiritual advisor and mentor for heroes looking to make peace with their inner demons. Her current assignments are Ka’Li-Tetra and Fallen Angel, although with the more powerful Plague villains having already taken control of several heroes, that list is likely to grow fairly quickly. Keep watching that clock!