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And now Cirque du Milieu’s resident knife thrower, Couteau:
Couteau photo Quatre-Couteau_zps040a2a92.png
Name: Couteau
Alias: Quatre L’Orange
Race: Human
Birthplace: Paris, France
Powers: Cybernetically enhanced accuracy, Psionic sensory enhancement, Energy knives, Psychic immunity.
Bio: Quatre L’Orange’s bio is much the same as her sisters. She was brainwashed and cybernetically enhanced to serve as an assassin for a French organized crime syndicate. The Milieu wanted to see if they could mechanically induce a sixth sense that would replace the other five. As Couteau, her nervous system has been disabled, so she cannot feel pain, nor can she see, hear, smell, or taste. Her brain was successfully augmented by electromagnetic implants, giving her a second sight that allows her to sense the world around her and “see” in different paraspectral wavelengths of her choosing, like X-ray or infrared vision. Though essentially blind, Couteau can defend herself far better than most sighted people, and throws her unlimited supply of energy knives with pinpoint accuracy. Like Solide, she does not speak (having never heard herself, she doesn’t find it necessary). She despises her vacuous existence, and awaits the perfect opportunity to take revenge on those who took the world from her. The being behind the Plague attacks has promised her the return of her senses if Le Cirque completes their mission, but you don’t have to be able to see to spot a betrayal (or a beast) in disguise.