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And just because I’ve been so neglectful, I’m going to throw one more up.
I’m going to introduce Captain Sinchanter.

Emile Sinclair Chantre was born in France in the mid 18th century, and upon reaching age, signed to join the French Navy. He was quickly stationed to a ship that made port in the French colony of New Orleans, where his ship was to patrol the area, and parts of the Spanish Main. However, the captain was a slave-driving martinet, and soon the crew had enough and declared mutiny.
Successful, the crew voted for a new captain, between the First Mate, one Henri Du Blont, and Chantre, who was the ship’s armorer. Du Blont narrowly won, and made Chantre his new first mate. The ship was rechristened Heart’s Black Dagger, and this arrangement lasted for several months, until they made a bid to overtake a Spanish gold galleon, and were nearly crippled by its escort. While Heart’s Black Dagger was aground undergoing repairs, Chantre sowed the seeds of mutiny among the crew again, and once asea, and affirmed the ship was in good shape, he usurped control from Du Blont, had him sealed in an empty rum keg, weighed down with cannon balls, and had it tossed into the ocean. Naming himself the new captain, Chantre rechristened the ship Hades’ Bloody Poison.
This arrangement lasted even shorter than Du Blont’s command. Chantre (or as he was now called, Sinchanter, a play on his middle and last names, “Sinclair Chantre”) was a ruthless and merciless captain that often executed his own men for perceived incompetence. By constantly flying a red flag, rather than a black and white one, Hades’ Bloody Poison declared that no mercy would be allowed to his victims, which often meant fierce battles for his men, another reason they wanted him gone. Soon, they had mutinied a third time, and disposed of Chantre the same way that he had disposed of Du Blont. As they were sealing the keg, Chantre declared that Lucifer himself would allow him his vengeance, but his men chained the barrel shut, and used the shaft of the mast ax he brought with him into battle to hold the chains tight.
As luck would have it, Chantre’s remains were discovered recently, and using records of the time, historians had managed to identify him. Recently he was the centerpiece of a museum tour devoted to the pirates of the Spanish Main, along with a replica of his ship. However, once the ax was placed with his remains, he came back to life, or rather to horrible undeath. And as vengence, Sinchanter managed to call forth the spirits of his former crew to serve him far more loyally than they did in life. With a magic incantation, he christened the replica pirate ship as his new Hades’ Bloody Poison and set off for the skies, ready to pirate again in the modern age.