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Seriously, I can’t believe how lazy I am with this gallery.

Salem would be the next one in my list of Hell Chix. She’s gone through a few different design iterations, and she may go through one or two more. However, given one of her powers, I’m usually quite comfortable in saying whatever picture I have of Salem at any given moment is the one she currently looks like.

Salem is Audette D’Alfino, originally from Laval, Quebec, although she moved to the States to pursue a career in acting. With her good looks and exotic background, she managed to get a career working in b-grade movies through her 20s, however as she reached her 30s, her prospects started to dwindle. At about the same time, the Olympian goddess, Eris, was having problems with her original foil for Fluke, who was Tyche’s original avatar. So she had acquired a set of armlets from Hades, and used them to both corrupt Audette, and bestow upon her magical powers. Audette has since moved back to Canada, where she still pursues an acting career, mostly as a stage magician. But her main income seems to come from armed robbery, usually of banks, and quite often with the help of at least one other of the Hell Chix. She has the ability to shoot bolts of magical energy, change her appearance, fly, and open locked or barred doors. She uses a number of props to keep opponents guessing about which of the items in her possession gives her powers.