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Okay, last one for a while. I’ll probably start importing my gallery from the Ugo forum after this.

Thirteen is a Grey Elf, the offspring of a forest elf mother and her forced impregnation by his dark elf father. Grey Elves, as a rule, do not exist as an established race, and are often the product of rape.
Although taken in by his mother’s commune, it was apparent he was unwanted, and Thirteen (his real name has been long forgotten) escaped out into the world at a young age. At some point, he was captured by a Dark Elf house in New Orleans, and raised there as a slave, inducted into their society in the limited way a slave would be. It was then that he received his tattoos.
As a Grey Elf, Thirteen had managed to interact with the outside world during the day in a way that his house never could. By doing this, Thirteen had managed to gain contacts with arms dealers in his early adult life that helped arm his house, but eventually he used the weapons to kill off the house nobles, and escaped to San Diego.
Thirteen has used his contacts to earn enough money to buy a nightclub that caters primarily to the Dark Elf population of the city. While he is associated with the San Diego house, he is not actually a member as either a slave or commoner.
Thirteen’s motivations are unclear, and his ultimate loyalties are unknown. Like many Grey Elves, Thirteen feels unwanted by the world.

Not completely sold on the image. I’ve been playing with it for a while, but it will go up on the next OCD for some advice.