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Chapter 1: Red Dragon Part 2

The Seeker sat down, and put his hands on his knee, just in case of a trap, he would easily be able to grab his gun. Frankie rubbed his forehead, and began to sweat a little, he was afraid. He looked at 56 and asked him “I'm sorry, how rude of me… Would you like something to drink?” Pointing at the bar across the room.

The seeker looked at him and replied “No Thank you…”

Frankie nodded his head “Well excuse me, but I would love a drink.” The deserter stood up and walked over to the bar, the seeker watched as Frankie pulled out a bottle of whiskey, 56 then said to him “You know alcohol is illegal in this colony.”

Frankie turned his head as he poured the alcoholic beverage into a cup, “I'm sorry if I'm not a law abiding citizen, but like everyone in this colony, I like to drink. So may I ask the name of the man who is going to take me away?”

The government agent replied “I have no name, I am simply called Seeker 56.”

Frankie turned around and sat back down on his chair and looked straight into the eyes of the seeker and said “You have a name. Is it too hard to ask for your name? As one of my last wishes can I please have your name?”

Seeker dropped his guard, its against the guidelines, and said to Frankie “I use to be called Blake Horne.”

Frankie sipped his drink with curiosity and then replied “Horne…Horne… During my military training, I met a man by the name of Luke Horne. Any relation to that man.”

The seeker hesitated “No.”

Frankie began to sip his drink even more and then asked the agent “Do you like your job Seeker? I mean what kick do you get out of it?”

“I like my job, I reinforce the law that is are only hope…” Frankie then cut in and said “hope…? Do you even know the meaning of hope?”

The seeker replied ” I like to think I do.”

“I'll tell you the meaning of hope. Their is none. Hope is when you feel that their is a chance that you beat the impossible. Hope is when your at your dying breath and continue to fight on. Hope is when their is chance… Everyday this planet dies even more, our chances of survival are running low. The more chance the more hope, but see we fucked that up, and now we are going to pay for it.”

“Why such a negative attitude?” The Seeker asked.



“I'll tell you why. Do you remember the very moment when the war began?”

“I was a small child, I was playing in the backyard when my parents told me to come inside and watch the president break the news.”

“Oh how cute… I was eighteen and with my beautiful girlfriend when I heard the news. When the president said that anyone who was over the age of eighteen, passed the physical and mental test, was forced to fight. Were was my input in this? Was I asked to fight? No i wasn't. I had a future with that girl, but all because of that stupid War, I lost everything.”

“I'm sorry to hear that.”

“No your not… No your not!” Screamed Frankie.

“… Beside the point that you lost everything… You still deserted.”

“Who are you to tell me to call me a deserter. Have you ever witnessed the horrors of war? Have you watched as your best friends die right in front of you? Have you watched a once beautiful city burn to the ground?”

The seeker said “No.”

“So don't you dare come into my place of business and insult me!” Shouted Frankie. Fueled with rage, the nightclub owner went for his gun under his desk and pointed it at the seeker. But before Frankie could pull the trigger, the seeker jumped to the floor, pulled out his weapon and shot Frankie under the desk. The bullet shattered inside Frankie's stomach. He dropped to the floor and his gun slipped out of his hands.

The agent walked around the desk, and grabbed the nightclub owner's gun and threw it away from him. Before Frankie died he whispered “Stop… What you are doing…. Before it…. Takes… Over… you….” Frankie lied their dead as the Seeker stood over him. 56 grabbed his phone out of the pocket and called the headquarters “I have a deceased deserter at the nightclub Red Dragon, by the name of Frankie Da Antoni. Task 89B4M is complete. Clean up squad is required.

Seeker put his phone back into his pocket, and left the office. Outside the door's stood all the bouncers. They looked at him all guarding the stairs to the lower level. He looked at them, and they all stood to the side, letting him through.

Task 89B4M was complete…