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Chapter 1: Red Dragon Part 1

The monsoon had been going on for weeks now. The streets were flooded, and less people were out of their designated homes. The nightclubs and bars for some reason were still open, they would open anytime, just to make an easy credit. The thugs had a name for the peak of the monsoons, they called it “Feeding time”. They called that because its around these times that seekers are out more often, searching for deserters.

The rain meant less people out on the streets and clubs, this meant it was easier for seekers to go searching. It was a lot easier to catch them, if the streets aren't crowded with people. This certain night was the night Seeker 56 was given a job. His job was to find a certain deserter, he'd been able to hide during the hot days. People were out and about, partying and crowding the streets. This certain deserter was a lot harder to find, he had changed his name several times, and had illegal facial reconstruction done.

The eyes struggled to find him, but when they did, it was a huge victory in the agency. This deserter has now gone by the name of Frankie Da Antoni, a famous nightclub owner. His most prestigious nightclub is called the Red dragon. Known to have connections with several crime families that reside around the colony, Frankie is deemed untouchable. That's why they gave the job to 56. This certain seeker has been given a reputation, for being the best of the best. He has a record of capturing over 200 deserters. This for him was just another night.

Across from the Red Dragon, hiding under a umbrella stood Seeker 56. Smoking the very last pinch of tobacco he had in his cigarette. His dark, blunt clothes made it easier for him to camouflage in the forgotten alleyway. He stood there, watching the door to the nightclub. Out the front stood two large men. Both wearing black suits, they stood there guarding the entrance into the dragon. The one on the left, was a lot larger, he had his arms tide around his back. He stood with the presence only a soldier stood with. The scar on his chin, could suggest a military background. 

The second bouncer, was an African man. Their wasn't a lot of dark skinned people in the colony. The War devastated the African continent to the point that it's descendants were to be a dying species. He stood there also with his arms tide around his back, turning his head, trying to see anything, but the rain was making it difficult. The seeker finished his smoke, and threw it into the gutter, there it would follow onto the recycling center and be disintegrated. The seeker walked across the road which was now a one huge puddle.

His first step onto the road caught the attention of the bouncers, they were what he was, a seeker. They stood at the door and watched every step he made. 56 also watched them, every step he made, he slowly moved his and into his pocket, if need be he would wipe out his gun and kill them both. He made it to the other side, he dropped his umbrella on to the road and watched as it floated down the street. He walked up to the bouncers and lightly grunted “ahh I have an urgent message for your boss.”

They both towered over the seeker, but they knew of his combat training, and how big they were, they were no match. The white bouncer put his finger on to his ear, in his ear was a message coming in from Frankie's security. He then pointed up to the security camera that watched over them and grunted “Look at the camera”.

The seeker stared into the camera with is dark brown eyes and then slowly moved his head back down. The dark skinned bouncer also listened into his speaker located in his ear, he looked at the seeker and said “Right this way.”

The larger guardian stood at his post while the other one escorted the seeker inside the dragon. Inside the lighting had made the room dark red, along the way the seeker looked as people beside him watched him, all drugged up on X13 or its street name “Red Eye”. The symptoms included, high heart rate, increased sexual desire, hallucinations and most commonly the pupil of the eyeball would go red (The reason behind its name). They finally made it to the dance floor, the club was quite deserted with only a few people dancing to the repetitive beat they call 'music'. 

The bouncer kept on walking until he made it to the bar, to the right side of the bar was a door guarded by another large man. The bouncer lifted his hand pointing to the direction in which the seeker must take. The seeker walked to the door, this man was a lot larger then the other two at the front. He instead had his hands in front of his body, it was to show off his knuckles. On his knuckles were scars, this meant that he was a former cage fighter, he must of been fighting in the illegal fight clubs that surrounded the colony. The large brute of a man, stood to the side, and opened the door.

The door opened to what was stairs. The seeker began walking up the stairs and noticed the man close the door behind him. 56 kept on walking up the next level. When he reached the end, it was entrance to a reception. In the reception stood another two men who guarded a large red door. The room was covered in red, the carpet, the walls, the paintings and the couch were all red. The seeker walked up to the bodyguards and simply lifted his head and said “Let me in.”

The bodyguards opened the large door, which was the entrance to Frankie Da Antoni's office. Inside Frankie was sitting on his chair laughing away to his friends that stood around him. They were all rich thugs that become friends with Frankie. They stood there with the beautiful escorts that Frankie organized, it was his way of saying thanks. Frankie looked straight at the seeker. He also knew who he was. The room became silent, as every stood and stared at 56. After the awkward silence Frankie then spoke “My friends… I think it is best that you all leave now, I have some business to take care of.”

They all nodded their heads, and knew they had to leave. They all walked past me, and even the escorts gave me a bad look. The bodyguards closed the door, and stood inside the office but Frankie continued “I meant everyone.”

They acknowledged him and left the room. Unlike the rest of the club which was just filled with red, this office was quite dull. The room's main color was a brown, the carpet, the walls, the furniture, the desk and even the drapes were just brown. Frankie looked at the seeker with utter despair, you could be by the scars around his neck that he had received facial reconstruction. The nightclub owner wore a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, black pants and a brown tie. The reconstruction had his face look more dull and old, his hair was black, he had thick eyebrows that were raised at the tip. His nose small and pig like, and had little facial hair surrounding chin. 

Frankie took a deep breathe and said “Well…Well…Well…  I kept trying to forget that this day will come. I really did…” But before he could continue, he took another deep breathe and then said “…But before you do what ever you have to do, either take me away or…Kill me. Please allow me to have a conversation with the man who's going to allow me to see my maker.”

The seeker stood there, and contemplated the offer, he then answered him “Its not protocol… But I will respect your wishes.”

The nightclub owner smiled and said “Thank you. Now please, please take a seat.” 

The seeker walked over to the two chairs that sat opposite to Frankie's desk, he undid the button of his coat and sat down on the chair…. 


(To be continued…)