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The year is 2567, after a long brutal attack from the Aliens, the world is crumbling. The technology the aliens have left behind has been developed by humans to create their own cybernetic robots, and robotic limbs.
Machines are used as workers and military weapons.
While the world slowly cracks from the inside out, there has been peace for many years, as cities try to rebuild.
But just recently someone has broken into a government lab where a lone alien cell has been stored, the cell has been stolen, and somehow the machines that once stood for the people have turned against everyone, and seem to be under control of the one who stole the alien cell.

The one who is tasked with retrieving the alien cell and capturing the tyrant who took it is an old soldier who fought in the alien wars, his name is John, he has lost his left arm in the wars, and has been equipped with a mechanical arm, which is mostly indestructible.