Re: The Suggestion Box



@Sultana Isra said:

I’ve been using Heromachine for awhile now for my writing characters and have been fairly satisfied but for one thing…………….No female lab coats. There are 2 in the males but trying to augment them for the female form isn’t working and I have characters that pretty much require it. I have learn to change things to fit my needs but if Female lab coats could be added I would be very much happier. I also love the recent addition of left female shoes. It helps a lot. Thank you in advance for the consideration.

All the Male items with just a few exceptions will eventually be converted to female versions, its just that Jeff, the creator of Heromachine has little free time to work on the program since he and UGO parted ways a couple years ago and he was force to get a full time job instead of working on Heromachine for a living.