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Last exam this semester = FINISHED. :D Hopefully have a lot more time to HeroMachine-ise the remaining characters in my head.

Next up, the first of a two person team, the Peace Keepers. Gaining powers sent some over the edge (see above), but it gave some the tools they needed to finally make a difference. Sam and her brother Moses live in East London, and have lost friends to gang violence with the neighbouring estate. After Sam was gifted with the ability to generate electricity in her hands, and Moses was able to overload the senses with blinding light and static, they took to the streets in a bid to clean up their area. The two of them work like clockwork, each playing off the other’s strengths to become a formidable fighting team.


Moses’ alias is Static, but I can’t think of a cool, simple name for Sam. Any ideas? Moses should follow sometime this week!