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Next up, another villian, although he comes later on in the story. He’s also nameless, for the moment, but has the rather horrific power of being able to turn anyone into zombies with a bite by virtue of an engineered virus in his blood. When he initially discovered his power he forced himself into isolation, wandering the Peak District, but with the ability came a temper, and a thirst for blood, and it wasn’t long before the loneliness and temptation tipped him over. He’s been locked up several times, most recently in the securest wing of a psychiatric hospital, but chaos follows him everywhere he goes… Watch out world. He’s back with vengeance.

Ideally this picture would have sillhouetted or slightly transparent zombies in the background, but I couldn’t be bothered to make them just now! Also, how do you delete attachments? The Zombie-Guy is just a rename of the other one!