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Herr D

In the next several nanoseconds, GameFace had to work overtime. I was actually panicking. Several of my subroutines kept running without me. ESO in particular. Several Enforcers were pinged with the same question: “Can you i.d. this man?” It went out with an attachment. I hadn’t actually ever decoded their graphics compression for stills. One of my decoders began automatically. StayNeur was aggressively scanning the wall. And coming up with an explanation. ‘Implanted hardware in all sites inactive for long period of time.’
ALL sites? That snapped me out of it. What all was IN here? I kicked it into rapid scan mode and began to formulate a reply.
“You have an i.d. scanner in the wall?” It sounded rather inane, but that was actually important.
Jenko smiled absently. Somehow he looked completely different. “I have the works of an entire Enforcer uniform in the wall.” He twisted his hunched neck slightly to the right. “Identify,” he said to his wallscreen. He sounded different too. What was going on?
His wallscreen showed my full legal name, charges, date of entry into the BMPS system, two deaths to my credit, trading status as active, mining quota as fulfilled, and three paragraphs about how I was suspected of an uncertain number of murders, thefts, and possibly worse. Then it stated I was to be considered dangerous unarmed, uncooperative to authorities, and possibly protected by The Six.
And that’s when I got the report from a droid I didn’t even know existed. It explained almost everything.