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Herr D

mmm–sure. . . here:
My 1rst gr. teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I hadn’t really been listening, so I said, “a giant.” The class laughed at me then, and again after: “I meant your career as an adult?” / “Ohhhh.” Then the teacher showed how well she knew me, “Why would you want to be a giant?” / “So I could have my head in the clouds with both feet planted firmly in the mud.” I don’t remember her compliment, just the evil looks I got from the class. Twelve years later, I added that I could ‘travel both roads at once’ to a lit. prof., in discussing “The Road Not Taken.” I don’t remember her compliment either, just the glazed eyes of my classmates. Fifteen years passed, and I explained it again to a stranger–“Did you get there?” / “I’m afraid so.” / “Why?” / “People run when they should listen.” . . .some of my talks run a bit long. . .and require multiple takes. [sigh]

*edit.-My next signature ran approximately: The mutant Storm sent the mutant Beast a postcard. It read: The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.
The one after says: Someone asked me had I lost my mind, and I replied that it was still at the other end of my eyestalks. They grumbled about signing the non-disclosure forms. Such a useless behavior, even for a h- um, a person with a lot to do.