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Herr D

The Show Must Go Off–part fourteen

I played the footage in my head three times as the Enforcers readied themselves. Six of them outside my door, having arrived almost silently, aimed their shoulder-cannons at various heights and angles at my door. Their radio chatter was minimal, mostly angle correction. Again, I timed it perfectly. “Gibb? I’m going to take a shower. Please take the body outside by the harness. Then untie the harness, add it to the bundle of bloody clothes, and take it to Billy’s. I’m instructing him to launder the bundle and give you my clean laundry to come back here. Take your time. I should be finished with my shower by then.”
“Do you need me to pick up some cleaning materials?”
“No, thank you, Gibb. I have enough. And feel free, if you won’t get too dirty, to take whatever is in his pockets after you have him outside.”
Gibbs eyes bugged out. “Thanks!” He pulled my mattress out of the bathroom for me, watched me go in and shut the door, and eagerly opened the door. The footage was priceless. His eyes bugged, his jaw dropped, his hands shook, and he blinked like twenty times.
“Hold up your I.D.” said the nearest Enforcer. Gibb held up both hands. The Enforcer, rolling his eyes, scanned Gibb’s I.D. “Where is the one called ‘Q?'” He was somewhat streetwise. Didn’t assume Gibb knew my real name. Gibb pointed over his shoulder. “Get him out here.”
Gibb just kind of sagged. “I have to interrupt his shower?” The Enforcers looked at each other, amused. Until I walked out naked, almost covered in blood. Then they looked at each other a little uncomfortably.
“You aren’t harrassing Gibb, here; are you? He’s had a hard day.”
“What happened?” he gestured at the blood.
“I am afraid my last opponent cheated. KF2 said he was filing a report.”
He lowered his voice. “Check reports fight category. Q and–yes. Suit I.D. check. Yes. Thank you.” His eyes back on me. “Sorry to keep you, then, but I have to ask you; why have you registered an illegal beneficiary?”
I looked at him like he was insane. I didn’t even need an app. “There’s no such thing.”
He did a double take. “I mean, The Shade–he’s missing, presumed dead.”
“He is?” StayNeur VoiceCrack made just the right squeak.
“I guess I have to report his known whereabouts, then. Will that take long?”