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Character Contest 37: Femme Fatale

The contest was to design a Golden Age or pulp fiction heroine. A character that you would find in comics and movies between the 1930s and 1950s.

First entry was English archaeologist-detective-spy Sadie “Scarlett” Billings. I based her around Agatha Christie with a twist of Cthulhu set against the backdrop of the years leading up to World War II. “Murder She Wrote” with a dash of Indiana Jones, Scarlett might be able win over Nancy Drew fans.

Sadie “Scarlett” Billings


Sadie Billings is a professor of antiquities at Cambridge University, England. Her trademark red outfits earned her the nickname “Scarlett”. It is during the course of her research that she discovered magic is real.

Scarlett has set out on a personal crusade to find the legendary Excalibur among other enchanted artifacts. Her adventures just beginning, she has already found a grimoire believed to have been guarded by Vlad Tepes and an enchanted Aztec medallion.

Power is not her goal. Contrary to her proper, bookish demeanor, Scarlett loves the thrill of the hunt. She relishes opportunities to thwart those who seek magic for evil. Rarely does Scarlett use magic herself for fear of temptation. She relies mainly on the passive protection of the Aztec amulet. And her lucky earring, which is merely parrot feathers that match her eyes.

Scarlett is a worldly Brit. She speaks her native English, Scots Gaelic, French, Greek, Latin, German, and Russian. Her knowledge of languages and cultures gives her savoir-faire in almost any social situation. Scarlett can translate Egyptian hieroglyphics. Her ability to read pictographs also makes her an invaluable code-breaker. Her adventures often bring her in close contact with both the Allies and Axis Powers.