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The Atomic Punk

Second posting from CC 34: Otork. An alien from a super-sophiscated, multi-species culture whose hyper-intelligence and own enlightened attitude make him rather naïve and glib when it comes to understanding and interacting with humans.

Character Contest 34: Adventure



Life on Gososlo was comfortable but dull. Free from want or need, the Gososlobis had taken to escapism. The government was in a panic. Everything worth reading had been written. Everything worth seeing had been seen. The people were listless.

They turned to the brilliant physicist and inventor Otork. The genius went straight to work. He had a theory that he could create gateways to other worlds. New beings to meet. New wonders to behold. Lo, he was successful.

Otork entered the new dimension. Instantly, he recognized the room for what it was: a knowledge repository. What luck! Otork snagged a few of the recording discs and took them back to Gososlo.

Otork created an exploration suit so that he could study earth first hand. Sadly, he was low on funding. So he struck a deal with Channel 87312A. In return for financial support, he would provide them with an original documentary. The Cavalier mobility suit effortlessly blends him in with the natives. Little do they suspect that a visitor from another world is among them.

Back on Gososlo, Cavalier was the most popular television show of all time. However, the network wasn’t getting the advertising revenue to keep the show going. The writers came up with a plan. They reviewed the documentaries that Otork brought from the repository.

What they saw impressed them. They decided that Cavalier should be more than a documentary about earth. Cavalier should be a hip Los Angeles detective with a really fast car. Each week, he would help a bikini-clad damsel in distress. Now ratings are so high, that the Gososlobi government has trouble getting the citizens to do anything but watch Cavalier.