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Next up, The Lucniverse’s answer to Batman, sorta.

Geek (The First)
Real name: Garrett Chase
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Alignment: Hero
Affiliations: None
Powers/Skills: Skilled martial artist and freerunner, genius level intellect, talented hacker and inventor. Totally human with no powers, so all skills are simply natural talent.
Weapon(s): A variety of gadgets created from old electronics, his most iconic being a computer mouse filled with several small weights which he conceals in his sleeve to use as a whip, flail, and even grappling hook.

Despite his rather humble beginnings and skills compared to most other heroes, the vigilante known as Geek managed to become one of the world’s most well known and respected heroes, often seen fighting side by side with many members of H.O.P.E. in times of crisis, though not an official member of the group himself.

Through much of his life, Garrett Chase was exactly as his alias says: A geek. Garrett was the kind of guy who just avoided people completely, a loner who liked just spending his free time tinkering with any little electronics he could get his hands on and quite often turning them into remarkable feats of engineering, which would only be wasted as he never shared those wonderful inventions with anyone else due to his avoidance of social interaction. The only person he ever seemed willing to talk to was his younger brother, and when Garrett lost him, he gained his new life as “Geek”.

Garrett’s brother died in what the media claimed to be a terrorist attack by an unknown supervillain, and the shock of losing the only person he could talk to hit him hard. He swore a vendetta not just against the villain whose attack had killed his brother, but against any criminals who would ever dare to take another person’s life. In the years following the supposed terrorist attack, Garrett Chase seemed to disappear completely, devoting all his time to training and honing his body, as well as creating a vast arsenal of gadgets and tools to aid in his new pursuit of justice. The man who came back was no longer Garrett Chase, he was now and forever would simply be known as Geek.

However, six years ago Geek discovered a truth that shook him to his core. The villain whose attack caused his brother’s death did not exist. What killed his brother was the explosion of one of Garrett’s own inventions overheating and detonating. Not only was he the one truly responsible for his brother’s death, but also for any others that had been hurt or killed by the blast. For several months he abandoned his heroics and returned to his old life of seclusion, until he saw a chance at redemption in the form of the first attempted alien invasion of Earth (More on that later!). Taking down the mothership required what would surely be a suicide mission, and while many other heroes were willing to make the sacrifice, in the end it was Geek who gave his life to bring down the mothership and deliver the major blow that was needed to drive off the invading alien forces.