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Real name: Ollie Bryan
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Alignment: Villain
Affiliations: The Cheaters
Nemesis: Geek (Both the first and second)
Powers/Skills: Powerful telepath capable of seeing people’s darkest secrets and turning them into elaborate illusions and hallucinations. However, his psychic powers are heavily dampened by his massive headgear.
Weapon(s): None

Though the villain known as Bighead is hardly a direct threat to anyone, many fear him for what his powers can do… Especially after what they did to Garrett Chase, the original Geek.

Ollie Bryan’s birth was one surrounded by tragedy, as a child with no control over his psychic powers he constantly and unintentionally forced his traumatic illusions and hallucinations on those around him, and watched as everyone he knew was ruined one by one by the things he’d shown them. For most of his childhood he had to be locked away where he was unable to make contact with any other people… Until he eventually met one who seemed unaffected by the nature of his hallucinations. It was on his 18th birthday when he was visited by a mysterious figure claiming to be “the greatest mind the world has ever seen”, and from this man Ollie received the power dampening headgear he now wears constantly.

The years of isolation as a child had unfortunately driven Ollie mad however, and a turn to crime and villainy quickly followed his acquiring of his helmet. The restraints dampened his powers to the point that he could control them, able to show the hallucinations to specific people rather than everyone around him. At first he targeted people involved with putting him into isolation, using his powers to drive them mad or push them into suicide… and then this power began to go to his big head. He began to lose sight of his goals, starting to use and manipulate his abilities for his own personal gain along with revenge, attempting to build himself a better life to make up for his lost childhood. As Bighead’s number of crimes grew, he quickly caught the attention of the vigilante known as Geek.

Shortly after his first encounter with the vigilante lead to his arrest and imprisonment, he was broken free from jail by a group of villains calling themselves “The Cheaters”, all of whom had quite bitter rivalries with Geek and saw the potential for Bighead to finally eliminate the thorn in all their sides. It turns out they had been right, as over the course of several more encounters with the vigilante, Bighead gradually revealed to Geek the truth behind his brother’s death, and that revelation is what lead to the vigilante’s final sacrifice.

And now with Geek’s legacy passed on to Penelope York, Bighead’s rivalry with the vigilante continues on… Both of them unaware of the one thing that truly connects them both.