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Real name: Tyrone Armstrong
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Alignment: Hero
Affiliations: H.O.P.E., Stallion Industries
Powers/Skills: Minor super strength enhanced by the Exo-arms, world class boxer, and extremely durable body
Weapon(s): The Exo-arms backpack, a pair of massive mechanical arms strapped to his back that enhances his strength to absurd levels.

Following the success of Horsepower, Robert Stallion saw an opportunity to do a lot of good for the world by offering similar deals to select few individuals to become powerful forces for good. Around this same time, he had also begun to become quite a fan of professional boxing… Which is where he came across Tyrone Armstrong.

Tyrone was a reigning heavyweight champion who seemed undefeatable… As it turned out, he really was undefeatable, as he’d been born with some mutations that gave him above average strength, but also an almost indestructible body. He’d kept these powers a secret as they began to bloom during his boxing career to keep himself from being disqualified from any and all matches due to his powers. Though his powers did inevitably lead to the end of his career as a professional boxer, it was not in the way he expected… Robert Stallion caught onto Tyrone’s secret not long after meeting him in person for the first time, and instantly saw his potential as Stallion Industries’ next corporate superhero. When the offer of becoming a hero using Stallion technology came up, Tyrone saw some potential as well. The potential to face opponents who would actually provide a challenge in a fight. Another deal was struck, and another mighty hero of H.O.P.E. was born. Though the truth about Tyrone’s use of superpowers during his boxing career caused some controversy at first, his effectiveness at stomping out crime along side the other members of H.O.P.E. quickly won back the public’s admiration.