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Real name: Lydia Morris
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Alignment: Hero
Affiliations: H.O.P.E., Stallion Industries
Powers/Skills: Superhuman speed and reflexes due to cybernetic implants in her legs.
Weapon(s): None.

Stallion Indsutries is known for more than just supplying heroes. It’s also known for creating them, and Lydia Morris is one of the most well known of them. She had once been just a simple intern working for Stallion Industries, and tragedy struck when one of the company’s robotic production lines malfunctioned and dropped several tons of machinery onto Lydia’s legs, permanently crippling her from the waist down… While Stallion Industries could easily repair her legs with cybernetics, she didn’t have nearly enough money to afford such an operation.

And that’s when Robert Stallion stepped in, kindly offering to pay for Lydia’s operation from his own pocket… On the condition that she used the enhanced speed from her cybernetics to join the ranks of H.O.P.E. as the world’s first corporate sponsored superhero. Not wanting to pass on her chance to be able to walk again, Lydia gladly accepted the condition, and became the hero now known as Horsepower, the fastest thing on Earth… Representing both justice, and the power of Stallion Industries’ technology.