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Robert Stallion
Real name: Robert Stallion
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Alignment: Retired hero
Affiliations: Stallion Industries, H.O.P.E.
Powers/Skills: Vast knowledge of robotics and cybernetics, and large political and economical influence
Weapon(s): A variety of tools and minor weaponry built into the cybernetic implants in his face, arm, and chest.

Stallion Industries is responsible for much of the world’s recent technological developments, as well as being responsible for arming and even creating some of its greatest heroes. And at the head of this technological powerhouse is none other than Robert Stallion, founder and CEO of Stallion Industries.

In his youth, Robert had been a hero by the name of “Warhorse”, fighting crime with the aid of his various cybernetic implants, robotic companions, and high tech suits of powered armour. Early on in his heroic career he joined up with H.O.P.E. and was put in charge of developing and maintaining the defense systems of the group’s base of operations. Over the years he saw less and less field work as a crimefighter, spending more and more time working with the various technologies that his fellow heroes relied on to do their jobs. Eventually he decided to retire from heroics altogether, and instead founded Stallion Industries to aid heroes and law enforcement with advanced technology to keep the world safe. Though no longer a hero, Robert still remains as an honorary member of H.O.P.E. and has been more than happy to provide the group with funding and resources from Stallion Industries.