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Of course if the first Geek is The Lucniverse’s answer to Batman, that would make this next one its answer to Robin.

Geek (The Second)
Real name: Penelope York
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Alignment: Hero
Affiliations: H.O.P.E.
Powers/Skills: Skilled martial artist and freerunner, genius level intellect, talented hacker and inventor. Unlike the original Geek, Penelope’s high intelligence comes from a small mutation that allows her brain to function on a much higher level than most human beings.
Weapon(s): A variety of gadgets created from old electronics, including an upgraded version of the original Geek’s signature weapon to allow for dozens of new functions and attack modes for the iconic mouse-whip.

Though the original lost his life in the first invasion of Earth, Geek was far from dead. His legacy lives on now in Penelope York. For a short time during the original Geek’s heroic career, he had been a mentor to a young girl with an inhumanly high level of intelligence due to an extremely rare mutation in her genetic code. He took young Penelope under his wing after rescuing her from a laboratory where a villain with a similar mutation had been performing several twisted experiments on her to see if he could boost his own intelligence even higher.

Following the original Geek’s heroic sacrifice, it inevitably fell to his former pupil Penelope to fill his shoes. As it turns out, there was no better person to take up the mantle, as the student quickly surpassed her master by vastly improving on Garrett’s inventions and techniques. She quickly earned her place as both one of the world’s most influential heroes, and as second in command within H.O.P.E. Unfortunately, the decision to make Penelope the group’s second in command has caused some minor conflict among the members of H.O.P.E., many of the older members believing she isn’t yet ready for such responsibility regardless of her talents and success as a hero and vigilante.