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Real name: Teri Stallion
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Alignment: Hero
Affiliations: Stallion Industries, H.O.P.E.
Powers/Skills: World’s most powerful technopath, able to communicate and control any machines as well as access the internet within her mind or even cast her consciousness into cyberspace.
Weapon(s): A special multi-tool built onto the right arm of her armour and linked to the cybernetics in her brain with countless functions.

As the only child of technology tycoon Robert Stallion, Teri became one of the most powerful heroes to be created by her father’s company, as well as the most powerful technopath the world had ever seen.

At a very young age, Teri showed signs of an impressive knack for working with anything electronic, and soon it was discovered that she had been born with an odd mutation allowing her to seemingly speak with any machines she touched. While her abilities were quite mild at first and not good for much more than making small talk with her DvD player, her father saw great potential and believed with a little boost from their company she could be capable of great things.

Once Teri started growing into her teens, Robert started work on a top secret experiment, a special cybernetic implant made specially for Teri and her budding powers. By the time her 16th birthday came, it was ready… A special device that would be implanted into her brain that could boost her technopathic abilities to unimaginable levels. However, Teri was completely opposed to the idea… Until a mysterious villain kidnapped her a year later, and a hero wielding technology made by her father’s company saved her life. As soon as she returned home from the ordeal, she finally opted to have the device planted into her brain and with it became the heroine known simply as Grid, able to make any and all machines bend to her will…