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Monster Truck
Real name: Matthew Briggs
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Alignment: Villain
Affiliations: The Mistakes
Nemesis: Horsepower
Powers/Skills: Extremely heavy and durable, above human (But not quite super) strength and speed, can use exhaust fumes to blind or poison his enemies, and a skilled engineer.
Weapon(s): The C-armour suit he’s trapped in, which is the source of all powers listed above.

Much like his rival Horsepower, Briggs had once been an employee for Stallion Industries who gained extraordinary powers from the company’s advanced technology after a horrible accident. Unlike Horsepower however, his accident lead to a life of crime rather than a life of fighting crime.

He had been employed as Stallion’s top automotive engineer, revolutionizing the transportation industry with his work. The next on his list of innovations was supposed to be a type of hover car making use of special magnetic fields to get airborne. The first test run of this prototype vehicle… Proved to be a disaster, as the magnetic fields reversed and began drawing everything in the lab towards him, sealing him inside a massive shell of technology, car parts and machines creating a second mechanical body around his own.

Though attempts to remove the machinery have all proven unsuccessful, over time Matthew has been able to modify the shell to be a quite functional powered exoskeleton he’s dubbed the “C-armour”… However, even with these modifications the accident had thoroughly ruined his life, losing both his job and his wife due to the difficulties of being trapped within the suit… He grew bitter from his losses and began to take out his anger on society, using the C-armour to cause massive destruction as the villainous “Monster Truck”. Eventually he met several others with similar pasts and hatreds for Stallion Industries and society in general, with whom he helped form The Mistakes.