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“Bruisers Inc., Katherine Barawitz here. How may I help you?”

“Hola! My name Pablo. From Uruguay, you remember? I send application for job. I want know about.”

“Good morning! Pablo Ponitas, from Montevideo, Uruguay. Is that correct?”

“Si, correcto!”

“You were a private investigator and had an accident, which left you paraplegic. Then you got into the hands of a doctor who promised you would walk again.”

“Si, Doctor Anormal!”

“And now you are a centaur.”

“Si, eso es. Only I not as big as Grimaldi or someone. Mi lower body replaced by small pony.”

“I have your files and your photograph right in front of me, Mr. Ponitas. Our recruiting department has decided that they would like to meet you and conduct some tests in regards of your abilities. Could you come to Sacramento next week?”

“Ay ay ay, is difficult. I have to find a flight and arrange horse box, because of airlines will not sell me normal ticket. And is expensive”

“I will arrange that for you. Our company will pay for all your bills.”

“Thank you so mucho. So we will see next week. Hasta luego!”

“Hasta luego, Mr. Ponitas.”