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The Imp

@taylorthecreator said:

Hey, Imp would you mind explaining how your doing the lighting on your characters or items? It would be greatly appreciated, I really admire your creations.

Not too complicated, just time consuming. I just use the multi-color/gradient circles in Patterns. The outer color’s transparency is set at 0 (as is the outer line), and the inner color is anywhere from 100% opaque on down, depending on the look I want. Then it’s just a matter of sizing and placement. Any sort of tutorial I could give on that would be way too long for this forum. The best advice I can give you is to look at the way light is reflected off of real-world items and try to replicate it. For the human form, I go with the ‘bulgy’ bits – the parts of the anatomy that stand out and so would reflect light more prominently – thighs, biceps, chest, etc. Think about which direction the light source is coming from and layout the highlights accordingly. Hope that helps!