storyline: when ryan was alone ,had no quest to complete, ryan was in misery for those that had no interest in ryan’s request of marriage. In a tavern, ryan was drunk till he passed out until he saw a wonderful woman that was a warrior. strong, athletic, attractive, nice bottom, and bright eyes. she was walking down the tavern like a brave warrior. she selling a giants foot to a inn keeper. but she was alone as well. she kept sharpening her sword like she had a grudge on something. ryan thought to him self “how can i ever marry a girl like her, i’m too wimpy for her. she’s a very attractive warrior. but i’m just a stupid lonely wizard that has no experience from love”. ryan was getting drunk and depressed even more that he collapsed into depression. the attractive warrior was walking towards him in concern and said ” excuse me kind sir are you ok?” . ryan got up with no hope. “no and i don’t even want to see this existing world as it tears apart”. “what do you mean”?. ” i’ve been looking for somebody to spend time with me. someone to grow up with me as go on adventures, slaying monster, collecting bounty, and look at the wonderful view of this fantasy world as man are coming up with new technology to kill each other. all im trying to say is women all ways deny my request because im a very poor wizard that needs a companion. as the attractive warrior sitting down next to ryan ” it’s ok, but you shouldn’t kill your self because pathetic girls won’t marry ya. your a wizard and im a warrior, wizards are smart enough to use their minds to cast spells or magical stuff, i don’t know. but if it makes you happy then i would spend time with you. will slay creatures together, fight bosses and gods, will even see the beauty’s of fantasy landscapes. but please don’t kill your self”. ryan stopped crying and was confused. ” why do you want to marry me, your a warrior and im a wizard”. “for one, it really doesn’t matter as long as we are respectful to each other. two, i’m in the same pain your in. im well tough warrior but i can’t be a better warrior with out a companion. three, since all that killing i did, i missed all that beautiful fantasy view when i was a lad. four, you’re too attractive to waist your life getting killed like this so i’m going to be your companion”. as they enjoyed each other they have finally became companions.