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Name: Ravyn
Age: 18
Height: 5’4
Powers/Abilities: Flight, Sonic Scream, Echolocation
Alignment: Hero

The daughter of the former police chief, Ravyn Lattimore led a quite privileged life. Being very popular and in her senior year of high school, Ravyn always had something going on in her life, whether it be a party or a football game. She had the clothes, the car, the friends, and all the boys knocking her door down. One night, Ravyn and some of her girlfriends went out to the club. Upon leaving, the angry, jealous boyfriend of Ravyn’s best friend, Shannon, stood waiting for them. He began to pull Shannon away by her arm, shouting obscenities and threats at her. “hey, let her go!” Ravyn shouted, moving to reclaim her friend. Shannon’s boyfriend pushed Ravyn to the concrete, “Stay out of this, [bad word here]!” Shannon tried to break away from her boyfriend’s grasp to help her friend, leading him to roughly pull her back and slap her to the ground as well. Overcome with emotion, Ravyn stood to her feet and shouted, “You will not hit her again!” To everyone’s surprise/horror, Shannon’s boyfriend was sent flying through the air, seemingly by the power of Ravyn’s shout alone. He, along with most of Ravyn’s friends, ran away in horror. Ravyn herself was scared beyond belief. “What was that? How did I…?” That’s when Shannon got up and approached Ravyn. “Thank you, Ravyn…” Shannon said whilst hugging her best friend. Ravyn was determined to find out what power was within her, so she went to the only people she knew to ask…Superheroes. After joining them, she honed her skills, becoming quite the skilled fighter. While there, she also found that she had the ability to fly. She decided to make her namesake her signature, created a feathered battle suit, and became a crusader for justice. While still being in high school.