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Name: Death Adder
Age: 33
Height: 6’2
Powers/Abilities: Accelerated Healing, Gun Proficiency
Weapons: Two customized pistols that shoot a variety of ammunition (think Judge Dredd’s gun), Grenades [Not Pictured]
Alignment: Villain

Death Adder considers himself to be the modern-day Robin Hood. He steals from the rich, gives to the poor, then threatens their lives until they give it back. Currently under the employ of the criminal organization CHIMERA (headed by Manticore), Death Adder and his gang saw to it that CHIMERA had plenty of soldiers in it’s ranks, raiding prisons and asylums in search of new recruits (Death Adder kept a few of the “more stable” ones for his own gang.) One night, after allowing himself to be arrested and taken to jail, Death Adder found himself sharing a cell with a slightly intoxicated young man. After his gang came to break him and any potential recruits out, Death Adder figured that it would be best to eliminate anyone who he wasn’t taking with him…with a grenade. After his escape, Death Adder learned that the slightly intoxicated young man had somehow survived the grenade blast. Death Adder is still in search of this young man, as he would make a perfect addition to his gang.

<span class=”bbcode_spoiler”>DeathAdder.png</span>