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Name: C-4
Age: 30
Height: 6’3
Powers/Abilities: Explosive/Kinetic Energy Absorption, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Stamina, Accelerated Healing, Explosive/Kinetic Energy Contact
Weapons: Various handheld explosives (grenades, dynamite, etc.)
Alignment: Hero

Cody Forbes was seemingly your average young adult, with a particular affinity for partying. Smoking, drinking, the works. One night, his wild side got the best of him and, unfortunately, ended up in jail. well, it just so happens that that night, happened to be sharing a cell with a very odd man. This man was dressed in a crazy, purple getup and was wearing a mask. He also spoke with a certain rhythm to his words. Turns out this odd man was the criminal mastermind known as Death Adder, awaiting transfer to an asylum for the criminally insane, and his gang was on their way to break him out. Disguised as correctional officers, two of Death Adder’s goons opened the cell doors and retrieved Death Adder. “Wait!” Death Adder exclaimed, grabbing a grenade from one of his goons, “Sorry, my good man, no witnesses allowed.” Cody flinched as Death Adder tossed the grenade towards him and it blew up right next to his face. At this point, Cody accepted death as an inevitability. To his surprise, he didn’t die. In fact, when he opened his eyes, it was as if the grenade never existed. Death Adder was gone and Cody was all alone in his cell. The next morning, the police received word that Death Adder never made it to the asylum, and several people in the surrounding neighborhood heard a loud boom the night before. Cody was questioned as to what happened, but they didn’t exactly believe his story and released him. Cody didn’t exactly believe his story either, and brushed it off as nothing. As Cody was walking home from the police station, some thugs grabbed him and pulled him into an alley. They proceeded to beat him with pipes and bats…or, should I say, attempted to. All of their impacts, whether it be to the face or to the groin, didn’t hurt at all. In fact, every time they hit him, Cody felt as if he just woke up from a wonderful nap, full of energy. “Screw this!” one of the thugs shouted and pulled out the gun, squeezed the trigger, and ran away screaming. The bullet, or rather, the energy from it, was absorbed into Cody’s body, and that energy combined from that of the beating and the grenade from the night before caused him to release an explosion of his own, sending the thugs flying, breaking windows, and destroying several parts of the surrounding buildings. He then knew that he wasn’t hallucinating the night before, but he had some sort of power within him. With this knowledge, Cody joined several other superheroes in an organization of supers, where he trained his powers, and now fights crime as C-4. He is still searching for Death Adder, just to see if he was indeed real.