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Happy New Year everyone!

Name: Renegade
Age: 28
Height: 6′
Powers/Abilities: None
Weapons: 2 machetes, an AUG Assault Rifle, and 2 Colt M1991A1 pistols
Alignment: Vigilante

Renegade will always be known as the man who nearly brought the entire superhero world down to its knees. Firmly believing that superheroes brought more harm than good, Levi Adderman took up the mantle of Renegade and began to fight crime in the only way he saw fit, permanently. His specialty was what could only be described as ritualistic murder of criminals, each killing coming within days of each other. His trademark was a note he left at the scene of each killing, always saying, “We don’t need them!” in reference to the heroes he so despised. He became obsessed with eradicating all notion of superheroes from the world, and this this obsession drove him to the brink of insanity. All this led to what could be considered one of the most terrible moments in superhero history. Driven mad with obsession, Renegade devised a plan to stage a hostage crisis wherein he would not only save the day in the public eye, but also lure the heroes out. His plan worked, the building was surrounded by the police and the heroes arrived, well, two did anyway, and they were recruits. Renegade didn’t care how many were there or who they were because, in his book, that would mean 2 less heroes around. What Renegade didn’t count on, however, was that the heroes weren’t there to save the hostages as he thought they would be, they were there for him. You see, in the investigation of the murders, the police spoke with several superheroes to see if they knew anything about Renegade, whom the police assumed was one of them. Thus, when the heroes heard that Renegade was stopping a crime in progress at the bank, Warhawk sent two new recruits, Solar Streak and Aircrash, to apprehend and interrogate Renegade. When the heroes entered the bank, bypassed all of the hostages, and headed straight for Renegade, he panicked and opened fire on them both. Renegade then retreated to the roof and the heroes gave chase, leaving the police to rescue the hostages. Cornered, Renegade stepped to the very edge of the roof. The heroes tried in vain to talk him down, saying that they just wanted to ask him questions. Now completely beyond the brink, Renegade had an irrational thought, “If I die now, I’ll die as a hero. But, if I’m killed now, they’ll live as villains.” Renegade then stared defiantly at the young heroes, and uttered his final words, “We don’t need you…” and thrust himself of of the roof, falling three stories to his death, landing on a police car. Once again, his plan worked, the man was seen as a hero by both the police and the hostages, and, never having seen them before, the two recruits were assumed to be villains and responsible for Renegade’s death. Although his intentions were never entirely worked out by the heroes, Renegade’s legacy lives on, for with his death came the question, “Are the heroes good for us?” And with the revelation that Aircrash and Solar Streak were indeed heroes and not villains (at the time), the flames were sparked for the anti-superhero outcry that followed.

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